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Hey darling! How are you today, did anything nice happen? You probably don't know me, but I just wanted to send you this nice message because I think you're amazing! And awesome and I really like your presence on my dash! I'm just a shy Anon tho, but I wanted to make you smile for a few seconds. Sorry sorry sorry if I bothered you with this..

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Thank you for messaging me. :) May I know what is an Anon? I keep seeing that in tumblr and mostly with the clone clubbers here in tumblr but I don’t really know or understand it. You know what I mean? Hehehe! It’s okay, I am a shy type too. :) 

You really did make me smile and you’re not bothering me. 

It’s really nice to make a friend in this big new world. LOL :P

Thank you!

I’ve listed “Blue is the Warmest Color” in  my must watch films ever since I saw its trailer on youtube way, way before (but I forgot about it). ><

Apparently, when I got into watching Orphan Black just recently, and I saw this interview of Tatiana (Ask OB) and learned that she fangirled over Adele, I remembered I should watch that movie. 

I think it’s a great film, but you have to be open minded. I also think that these actresses - Adele and Lea are so brave and daring for such roles. 

So, I’m just sharing this video of them because I think they have an incredible chemistry behind the scenes as well.


adele Exarchopoulos lea seydoux french blue is the warmest color cannes

"My goal for the show is always to keep it very cinematic and not let it fall into a typical sort of tv look. I wanted to have its own look and feel and style that is kinda unique to the show."
- John Fawcett on the look of Orphan Black (video)

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»  Cute Cophine things:

While Cosima tries to express her ideas through hand gestures, Delphine uses her hands to comfort and show affection. She constantly uses her hands to convey just how much she loves Cosima.

I absolutely love this gifset.
Cosima uses her hands like a maestro, conducting her words to the ears.
Delphine is tactile. She uses her hands to convey feelings, playing the body like an instrument.

Quite the pair those two.

I love the way they convey their affection through their hands and body gestures. Love is really in the air. 

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